Welcome to WSDInsider! We are financial service that takes care of all financial work and requests you need for your company! We have been into industry for more than 15 years and we say proudly that we meet all your requirements in the shortest possible time!

Our Goals

Our goal is to increase your revenue, balance your budget, decrease the costs, provide a stable and detailed cash flow plan, as well as to take care and manager your debts. We want to provide nothing but the safe, perspective and prosperous future for your company and ensure you efficient and steady growth.


Our services extend to three branches: consulting, asset management and wealth management! We provide all the necessary work in order to complete your requirements and deliver highly successful results that convert to profit. Leave all the financial work to us, so you can focus on other problems. We work both with small and big enterprises.


We offer free-of-charge consultation regarding your inquires, problems or investments! Our job is to give you a free estimate so you could know whether you want to proceed further with your actions.

Asset management

We take care of your assets and we manage all your company-related financial tasks. Our job is to make sure that your finance gets and flows into the right direction, so you could make profit.

Wealth management

We plan, estimate, and direct your wealth so it could have the sustained growth. We take care of taxes and legal procedures for you as well.


I have hired these guys to take care of my debts as I had no idea about this and how it works. It turned out to be my best decision in the whole life!

Matt, New Jersey

I have been working with these guys for more than 7 years and I have not had a single problem with them. I highly recommend this service!

Robert, Chicago

These guys are rocking! With their help, my company has managed to reach $1.1 million of revenue on a yearly basis! I recommend these guys to all you who do not know anything about finance!

Donna, New York

Fantastic cash flow planning! With their help, I managed to reach the stable money flow and ensure the steady growth of my company.

Sophie, Los Angeles